Timken Plumbing Inc
Timken Plumbing has provided efficient services to the commercial and residential communities throughout Southern California and went strictly commercial in 1989. We are family owned and pride ourselves on our exceptional group of employees. We are committed to quality service and always stand by our work. We try to keep it simple and focus on the more traditional approach to getting things done as a team.

We do renovations and new construction. We currently perform the majority of our work in Southern California. Our experience ranges from small remodels, multi-story structures, public works, OSHPD, core and shell buildings, tilt-ups, and a host of other project types. We are able to bond multiple size projects.


We are a full service Commercial Plumbing Contractor, some services include...

  • Underground waste
  • water
  • gas
  • storm drains
  • condensate

  • Copper
  • plastic
  • cast iron

  • fixture installation

  • T.I.'s
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Public Works facilities
  • Design Build